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Fell asleep early last night so didn’t post.
Positives, my team can work from home, had long discussions yesterday as to reasons why and my boss supported my views. My wider team who have been in every day and upset to be, they are to be redeployed. I will try and work on that one. Ext.
Positives: I have started answering questions on Quora and was surprised to find I have three followers today and about ten upvotes. That is practice for my blog which I will try and start before the end of the month.
Funnies, shanti made a face mask, a chocolate colour, my son put it on and he looked well, you can guess. The front room is all white with white floorboards, looks like a white out. They have been working hard on making everything look nice when baby arrives
I also ordered a pulse oximeter weeks ago and received it today. It’s a bit patchy at the moment in its results. We worked out if we hold it flat is is normal for both my son and I.
I also received l theanine recommended by idi, for help with anxiety. It’s a natural essential amino acid, so I will try it tomorrow first thing.
The days go quickly much of a muchNess. I went out to the shop today with my son and in the local shops people are not keeping the right social distance which I find makes me a little nervous.
I also have had slight pains underneath my chest and left ribs and I realised today it is muscular strain because I am stooping on my bed to work on my work laptop. Luckily I have some Voltarol. Luckily, I have enough organic food, probably a little too much of it, and hello fresh meals, about to go and cook a pancetta and mushroom risotto for everyone.