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Today for me is day 44 of lockdown as I went off early on March 9th with flu symptoms, who is to know whether it was covid or not. I have no way of knowing. This morning I start to feel a little restless and impatient, both feelings I could do without, maybe a little stir crazy. My room gets very little light and sunshine so it is cold a lot of the time and a bit airless. So I go into the Shared communal garden and lay down for 20 minutes or so. It helps and I become mindful of the blue sky, the trees swaying in the gentle breeze, the bluebells and daisies on a newly mown lawn, the spring daffodils already dried up. I will go again later.
Shanti had her scan this morning and the problem on the colon has resolved itself, could clearly see the baby with its head down. Good stuff.
I have a lot to do But motivation in need of some help. The gaRden clearly helped A bit so will go down again later.
My phone bill has increased a lot because I am using it for work. I protested and now I am getting a work mobile, nearly two years after starting…. Well 2 years in August. Time flies by.