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Week 4 done and dusted and, happy to say, nothing bad to report. After having quite a bad few days during week 3 I took some time out just to focus and get my head back to where it needs to be. I was feeling much better by about Thursday and had given much thought about giving up alcohol completely so decided to commit to not drinking alone, either in my flat or at the pub. I invited my new manager out for a few drinks after work on Thursday night and it was great. For the first time in, I can’t remember how long, I had a sociable few drinks with a friend. It turns out we actually have quite alot in common, and, as there was a quiz happening in the pub we went to, which we just missed the start of, we have decided to make it a regular thing on a Thursday night. Fantastic! I think I have made my first new friend since coming out of residential therapy. No problems afterwards either which, for me, was great. No wanting to go off on my own and carry on drinking. No thoughts at all about any forms of gambling. Just satisfied with a few drinks after work with a friend. Now, my next big move came on Saturday. I bought a PS4. Reasons for this, 1) I have the money, 2) I’m trying to brighten up my living environment, 3) It’s fun and I enjoy it. Before, I could never part with that much money unless it had came off the back of a big win. I’m confident enough with the way I’m feeling that if I keep on the path I am on, I’ve got enough money coming in that my bank balance will move in the right direction. It feels so good to have money in the bank before pay days to the point where I find myself surprised sometimes that I’ve been paid and haven’t even remembered it’s been a payday. A stark contrast to checking my bank balance every 5 mins to see if wages had gone in so I could go and buy some food. I’ve just returned home with a corner sofa which I managed to get off gumtree for £100. I’m so pleased with it. My room is now at a standard where I can invite some of my flatmates in to watch the footie or x-factor (if they’re that way inclined).

Birthday tomorrow so will be out with my family for something to eat. Plan for the rest of the week is study, study, study. After taking a bit of time out to focus last week I missed some lectures but feel better for it now and ready to get stuck in.

130th day gamble free 🙂