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Thanks rg. Like you I have also been struggling a bit.
On Saturday I vegged out completely and played computer games, spent a bit, nowhere near as much as gambling but I have had to rebudget for the month because of it. And that was after listening to a few motivational talks. I realised what a rip off these games are. They are charged in dollars but take the same amount in pounds. I don’t think this is legal so am investigating.
Pete wasn’t as blown away as me on the lighthouse family song but was on a couple of morcheeba tracks and suggested I listen to those, I wasn’t blown away at all by those so we have found something we don’t agree on at all.
I get very excited still at my weekly organic deliveries. I am spending a lot on food. I guess it is like being in a war really where food and medicines are the things not in great supply unless you want to go to a supermarket, which I don’t. Will continue later as ipad needs a recharge.