Hi San

Velvet has welcomed you and shared some important things with you. I just want to add another Welcome. I hope you find the support you need here – on the forum, as well as in groups.

I can imagine that it is heart-breaking to see the young man you love so much seem to destroy his own life and also the hopes and dreams of your life together. But I can also see the strength and wisdom you have discovered or developed within yourself, too. It is unlikely that the journey you have to make can always be smooth or in the forward direction, but you will find the way through for yourself when you focus on the most vital things and use the support that is now around you. It is very likely you will get conflicting advice from people who do not understand the addiction (or are unwilling to look at it honestly), but always take your time to make decisions, do not be too disappointed if you feel you made the ‘wrong’ ones and just keep going one day at a time.

My good wishes are with you,