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Everyone here understands the challenges that we face with this gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. I don’t think it matters what we call it as it means the same. I know that once I enter a Casino and play those machines (slots/vlts) then I can’t stop. I never walk out with money as if I win it goes back in the machine.
How did you manage to quit gambling for a year, and what motivated you to stop? Did you go to GA or get support from anywhere? I am asking these questions because did you do anything to protect yourself from having money. If we have no money we cant gamble. I know that I had to put barriers up so that I did not have access to cash when I first started recovery. No money = no gambling. I know that even when we have gamble free time we cant get complacent, as just like that we end up gambling again. Keep coming back and posting as I know for me it was a life-saver and the help and support you get here is really a big help.