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Always great to hear from you Kathryn.

Yes, I am “progressing”, thanks. I had a few expensive skirmishes with slot machines this year, but I feel I’m coming to “burnout” stage now. I’m worn out from gambling.
Thank God you have not resorted to that futile exercise to alleviate your present unhappiness. That is a blessing, for sure. Not only would it complicate your situation, but it would also cause you to bury your whole body, not only your head, in the sand!
No problem is too great to overcome, Kathryn. Can you seek counselling? Legal advise? Spiritual guidance?
I’m also a “head -in-the-sand” type but we both know where denial leads. Nowhere!
I hate to think of you feeling scared.
Get help Kathryn. You deserve it.
How is your darling mum?
I think of you often.