Hello sjb. I clicked on your message and see that it is in the middle of another thread. It would be good to start your own thread so that your posts can be clearly seen and not risk getting ‘lost’ inside someone else’s. Then other members can reply directly to you and I’m sure you will find that very useful.

I am a volunteer member of the Gambling Therapy Team. (I am the mother of a gambler and a qualified therapist.)

I can see you have had a very tough and sad time and have finally ‘drawn the line’, as you put it. No one here would wish to tell you what choices to make – we will try to support you to make the best decisions for YOU and then keep on supporting you as you live with the impact. It is never easy to feel completely sure you have done the right thing, especially as you go through the sense of loss and grief, maybe anger too. But it sounds as if you did everything you could, gave all you had and finally needed to look after yourself. Most of us who love a gambler have had to learn that we cannot save the gambler, but we CAN look after ourselves and do our best to live our own lives well. The gambler must make his choices separately – and no matter how much we love him, he is ultimately responsible for his own life.
I hope you will share more on a new thread of your own. Perhaps come into the ‘live’ support groups too.
Best wishes,