Thank you for making contact with us. We want to assure you that you are not alone in having son with a gambling problem but help and support is available. One of the hardest things about being involved with a problem gambler is that you are not able to make the change for them. I know you feel worried and powerless at the moment and you want to help your son to overcome his addiction but the only thing you can really do for him at this stage is to provide information and emotional support.
So let’s look at what you can do for YOU:
• Protecting your finances in order to ensure that the bills are paid is very important.
• Talking to friends and family to build up a support network for yourself is also a good idea however uncomfortable this might feel at first!
• Accessing professional, emotional support, which you have made a start on by contacting us, is very valuable
• Arming yourself with information about problem gambling and where your son can get help so you are prepared for the time when he feels ready to enter recovery would be a good idea.
Below are some resources available to you in Great Britain, we are not funded to provide support within Great Britain so please access the below support from this point onwards.


For residential treatment your son may wish to contact the Gordon Moody Association at:


We wish both you and your son every success in the future.
Kind Regards

The gambling Therapy Team