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You did it very well, I wish I can be like you. I put myself into self exclusion for a few site already but once I have spare money I will find another site and open new accounts, after I lost all my money, I regretted and close the account again. Honestly speaking, I won most of the time but I never wanted to leave the computer, finally it went back all to them – lost all winnings plus my deposit. I am a single mother, my pay is just enough to live and REPAY all my debt from the past, and I need more money to live so I gamble because I think if I can withdraw my winnings on time but it never happen to me. I know my thinking is wrong but I can’t control myself. I know very well how to stop myself from gambling but it never stays long, maximum two weeks.
I am a loser, I can repay all my debt quicker if I don’t gamble but I always remember those days I won.