Its good that you decided to treat yourself to something and sometimes it is a case of forcing yourself to do all the things again like wear make up, small things that have slid since someone else bashed yourself esteem that at one time maybe you did without thinking.

Particularly well done for cancelling his phone, I was hoping you were going to say you had cancelled the whole lot for a minute for a number of reasons.

One is it is not your problem how he manages to make contact with his kids and although that sounds a little callous it is not meant to. It is still a form of enablement if you are taking that responsibility for him. Its down to him now to take some responsibility and if he wants to contact people then he will find a way.

I have to say the notion of people having internet access with all the online gambling stuff available whilst in a gambling rehab is in my oppinion, frankly ridiculous but as I say that is just my oppinion and others may not agree. It can also be used to read F&F as well Neecy if you know what i’m saying to you. You do not want to make yourself more vulnerable than you already are right now I don’t think.

However I sense a little bit of a spark in you now that so far was unseen in your previous posts. Exactly why should you pay for anything ? Why indeed should you tolerate the way he treated you ?

Although the addiction does not respect anything except itself and not even its owner then that is no excuse for basic common disrespect, sometimes I think we can put a lot down to the addiction when in actual fact it is basic down right rudeness and shoddy treatment of others. Its good to see that you are recognising that you are worth more than that.

I hope you keep it up Neecy, as you say you are taking back yourself respect and I for one hope that you do not give it away again to him or anybody else. It is yours to look after in the best way that you can.

Jenny x