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Well ive had better days than today. My boss has set me up and I just dont have the strength to fight back . But its my fault really , I work for this company because it was a life line at the time but if I hadnt gambled so much in my life I would not be working for such a company.
I feel a little mellow tonight , defeated , deflated but still a spark inside me . I always think of the old superman movies when he gave up for lois but he found the green crystal that would still burn , guess you would have to have seen that film , lol.
So I will wait for the decision on my working future . Sometimes I think im so mad as anyone else wouldnt bat an eyelid , I would be not much worse off being on benefits , so why does it upset me so much ?
If I had money tonight I think I would have gambled , evening racing kicking in for the summer , but I havent got any money so that’s one thing and will try an relax and watch barca tonight.
I think I will use geordies wise thoughts tonight , life can be tough for us all , but one thing is certain , gambling isnt going to help the situation .