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Hello Mick,

Thank you for such an uplifting post that helped you too.
That’s so good to hear but laughter is the best medicine and I find that we’ve lost our humour to gambling.
But I loved that video. It is so good and speaks so clear and direct to us. We always make excuses, keep the back door open cos we don’t really want to give up gambling. We’re not ready to shut that door cos we still want to chase after our losses and hope to recoup something. But we’re just chasing our tail and getting nowhere cos we will never win cos we’re past the point of no return and will play back every cent the same day or the day after if we managed to cash out which we’re far gone past, too.

We feed our greedy desire and are forever in a vicious cycle like a hamster running round and round the spinning wheel hoping for a different outcome by doing the same thing ! We are so weak and foolish at times. So just ‘Stop it !’

Thanks for your post.
Have a gamble free day….
Bless you.