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I know I repeat myself – but I keep saying that if we were to put as much effort into our recovery as we put into our gambling …

From your story of the past week – it certainly seems that you have been putting some effort into your gambling. All those attempts to get past a self-imposed ban! Remember I am not judging you – I am pointing out your behaviour, the same behaviours that I had when I was in action.

Try and seperate yourself from your behaviour. Be gentle with yourself and hard on your gambling mentality. Take some time out – do other things, then when you can see a bit more clearly, sort out the things that you can do to take your recovery to the utmost. How many GA meetings could you get to? Can you sort out even more counselling? Are there on-line meetings that you could attend either here in group or with SMART or some other on-line help perhaps more local to you. Is some sort of residential an option? Are there any person growth groups in your area – for you to look at possible causes for your gambling behaviour?

As Vera put it – Every rock bottom has a trap door. I guess each one has a ladder too – but it takes a lot more effort to climb out. Don’t give up on yourself – if I can stop gambling for years I am sure others can. Be one of them.