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What sort of mother are you? You are a mother who loves her children dearly (how many do you have ?) . You are also (like me) a mother who has a gambling disorder.

Everyone on this forum has spent money gambling which would have been better spent on something else. We have all made mistakes .

I am afraid I am not an expert on mental health issues , but I do understand that going through bankruptcy can add a huge extra strain. It might be helpful to talk to someone who understands,and I hope you are not offended but I searched and found this organisation which has a daily helpline .


It might be useful to talk to them or text. You will feel less alone .

there is nothing you can do either way about the bankruptcy except let it run it’s course now, so worrying about it won’t help. I know this is easier said than done, and I have to admit I obsess about stuff myself .

Have you enough money to feed your kids this week SS? Is there anyone who can help you ?