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“What will happen then, I wonder?” you asked, Andrea. Then you answered your own question by mentioning that you lost your salary to the Site last month.
What will have changed on that Site this month? Or next month or next year?
Very little as far as a CG is concerned, because even if we do see through their coercive bribes and free spins and bonuses, we still dip into our own money as soon as the bonus runs out. The Planners of these Sites know us better than we know ourselves, Andrea. They have the game studied to a fine art. They are not running a Charity. They are out for your last shilling and if they take your soul along with it, do you think they will care two hoots? No! , when you and I are on skid row, some other unfortunate victim will cough up. The truth is There are NO FREE BEES in this game and a CG NEVER WINS!!
Nice of your B/F to feed you Andrea but to be honest I wouldn’t allow him to bail me out if I were in your shoes.
Keep your Pride and your Dignity . CGs give a lot away and we find it harder to regain these valuables than to restore lost money. There are other ways to resolve debt. In vulnerable moments it can be difficult to discern the difference between help and enablement.
I’m not judging you at all Andrea. It’s just that I’ve been up a few blind alleys and found myself compromised as a result.
Send an e mail to the Gambling Site saying you want to self exclude. They are bound under law to respond.
Do it before the salary hits your account then you will be FREE as a bird.
Empty your car. Hoover it thoroughly. Get a bowl of hot water and a strong cloth and give every bit of it a scrub. Then spray it with air freshner and you will save 50 qud.
They call it “valeting”!!