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When a CG admits he/she is powerless over gambling , this is the First Step to Recovery.
You have summed it up well in two great posts, Liam! Powerlessness and lack of control go hand in hand. A few things struck me when I read your posts.
You admit you are out of control. Would you consider asking a family member/friend to take control of your funds especially on pay day which seems to be your greatest stumbling block?
Owing money is also causing you a lot of stress. Is there any way you can get financial assistance to help you pay back your friends so that you won’t lose face ever time you see them ? ( All my debts are owed to Banks etc so it’s less personal / embarrassing than owing friends)
Compulsive gamblers don’t think/act logically when it comes to gambling, Liam. Hence the repeated actions and mistakes and the ongoing “rock bottoms”!
We have all been there so many times and we know the outcome so what we must ask ourselves over and over is “What will I do differently next time?”
As a CG, I have come to the conclusion that I need to make gambling impossible. That means carrying no money, having no access to casinos (my poison) and having no spare time that I don’t have to account for.
Concentrate on how NOT to gamble, rather than dwelling on HOW to get funds for the next bet!