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it pours for sure!
Got to give my cat Tiger some credit here. He has woke me twice this week and both times I was having a low sugar (insulin) reaction. Today he was most insistant , purring, poking and licking my face. Sure enough he was not letting me go back to sleep. I got up and started shaking right away. I took a reading and I was dangerously low. I do believe he can sense when I am in trouble which is a good thing.
I am still quite frustrated with trying to manage this new insulin. I finally got in tough with someone from the supplier for the insulin pump and insurance has said they won’t pay for it. I got a phone number for the Dr to call to appeal. I know they don’t want to pay because I have met my deductuable and if they stall long enough I will have to pay $1250 out of pocket. Well if thats the case it just won’t happen as I don’t have it to spend.
I pulled a musicle putting on a pair of tights Tuesday morning. My right bycept made a very loud “POP” and has hurt ever since. I do believe it is a pull and not a tear as it doesn’t feel too bad today and there is no bruse.
Like I said, when it rains it pours!
Ok, done venting – for now!