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Woke this morning to the sound of rain pelting against my window. My first thought is that I don’t have a hangover – I seem to be making wiser choices with alcohol.

My second thought is that I haven’t gambled. It’s a great feeling- which means it is eleven days until payday and I will then be in position where I haven’t gambled for two pay cheques. That will make a huge difference .

I find myself thinking the rest of my life could be like this. I am
Starting to feel confident again in my ability to sustain recovery. I think it is over two weeks now but never really remember.

I still find too many plans rush through my head – I want everything now . It is time to do a proper financial inventory and make some real plans- perhaps I need help with this because I never know where to start .

On the bright side I cleared out a cubbyhole which was full of junk yesterday – it’s amazing that you can feel the difference even when you can’t see the cleared space -there must be something in all that energy flow feng shui stuff. I also dumped many of the old coats hanging in there because I am not going to need old stuff anymore. In fact I am going to go coat hunting today . Coats are an example of where I am all or nothing – if I can’t have a really good coat I tend to not buy at all. I will buy a stylish cheap coat because there will always be money for another coat .

Today I will tackle another small space – I think it will be the landing which has become a bit of a storage area. Hopefully by tonight it will be completely clear.

I am going to buy myself good coffee – I have a coffee machine and for too long I have begrudged myself the pods for it . I need to chnge my thinking regarding money. I think the best way to do this is to start spending it .

I got a small refund from the taxman and it was lovely to be able to say to my son that it is going directly to his account. If it had come two weeks ago it would have been going directly to a casino.

So that’s about it – life is good

Onwards and upwards!