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Thanks for posting on my thread, Laura. ‘Hope your first day back at work went well. Don’t be too hard on yourself for what you didn’t get done. (I still haven’t sorted out my Christmas decorations and now Easter is gone!!) I used to drive myself crazy about things I failed to do but I just let things go over my head now. Some days I make a spurt and do a lot. Other days, I do nothing. Nice that you went visiting with hubby. I had to cancel visitors yesterday. I wouldn’t have done that in the past but I did. They understood. Then my neighbour came over yesterday evening. I invited them for tea (not to waste the food I had prepared for my original visitors) They stayed late and we had a good chat. My voice is gone completely today. I just need to be patient.
Regarding support, Laura, isn’t if crazy how we manage to avoid all support when we want to gamble? The good news is, the support will still be there when we reach out for it. A few newcomers, a few golden oldies, all ready to add a little nugget of wisdom to our “hoard”.
Do you read the GA literature Laura? Some good support there too.
I have never yet met a CG who regretted not giving in to an urge, but met many who said “Why, oh why, did I give in?”