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Thank you Harry and Lauren. ..wise words. ..and very kind of you to take the time to write them.
I’ve been busy most of the morning, time has gone rather quickly today. …met an old colleague for coffee this morning, had a bit of a catch up. Then home again to try and sort some finances. It didn’t go well. ..and so I’m getting irritated. For sure, if I had money I know what I’d be doing now.
Anyway. ..I haven’t and I’m not!
I am getting paranoid now though. …I don’t know whether it’s because I got my paperwork through for next week and it’s hit me over the head a bit, or what!
Or maybe it’s because I’m going to attempt to tell my son this afternoon when he comes back from work, or perhaps it’s because the bf has been giving me the cold shoulder all day! The reason for this I do not know! I think maybe the initial feelings he had of sympathy and protectiveness have turned into “Jeez, do I want to be stuck with this issue for the rest of my life! ” But maybe fears he couldn’t dump me until after next week in case it sent me right over the edge. He went to bed early last night because he was “tired”….so this morning I just asked out straight. .”Are you planning on dumping me after next week? “. The response was “No”….but it didn’t ring true to me.
Oh well! This could of course be “all in my head”, but when you don’t get a single text message all day. kinda know there’s something up!
All of this is leading to frustration and irritation! Why can’t these people just say one way or the other? !!
God dammit! !