All is well on my side of the world! It is a long process and a lot of work getting oneself “well” after years of living with a CG. I am grateful for sites like this. While I don’t post a lot and due to time zone issue am not able to make it into a chat I can at least read and feel not so alone.
My CG continues to attend GA… getting on for 9 months and has had 2 relapses but seems intent on sticking with it and finding a better way of life. I celebrated my 1 year in GamAnon and have to say it was one of the best things I did to get myself back to sanity. I asked one of the “veteran” members if they would help me work through the 12 Steps. The strength and peace this has given me has been a Godsend.
I hope all is well with everyone and maybe one day I will be able to make a chat!