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callmecrazy, just weighing in here re: Bonus rounds – I’ve been there, that exact sceanario – it’s beyond soul destroying! If only that bonus round came on a hugher stake.

Another time the bonus round came at the last call. just as I emptied my entire bank account over a few frenzied hours, except it was a big win, covered all my losses and gave a huge profit too. Instead of being hungry and poor for a month now I’m very comfortable and can pay off chunks of my debts too! Great right? But then that voice says: “But…if that bonus round happens again soon…. you could triple this…”  – all winnings gone within 20 minutes, back to rock bottom and despairing. 

The big wins on the bonus rounds are the absolute worst for hooking you back in because you know it’s possible, but ultimately, the machine always wins because of this.