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Wow Anni, it was lovely to speak with you in group the other night.

I just caught up on this. I am beyond impressed. I want to hug you and promise you all will be ok, but of course I can’t .

I am beyond impressed because
1. He trusts you enough for you to know when he has slipped (WOW!WOW!WOW)
(Secrecy is the thing that allows the addiction to thrive and yet honesty is so hard. What an amazing mother you are. I hope as my son gets older he has the same trust in me)

2. You told him to man up and move on.This is great for him. It is saying u have made mistakes but you can get past them. There is a better future . You have given him hope which is so important after gambling .

3. You said you would support him. ( emotional support is invaluable and it is clear that you always have)

4. You recognise that he is a lovely person when he is not up in the craziness of this addiction, and he will know that you see this.

I think you handled it so well. Your son will have been very low coming down his latest “fix” , but as a mother I understand that when our children are in trouble there is no pain like that which a mother suffers. My prayers again !

You also recognise the importance of the other members of you family and don’t allow it to be all about the person with a gambling disorder. This gives strength to the other member s of your family .

I hope this is your son back in recovery Forever Anni.

Would your son consider joining this site? The groups for people with a gambling disorder are excellent and the staff are incredibly supportive in these.