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Wow (((trinitysky)))! Three months gamble free is a huge accomplishment! You say you are scared for your boyfriend, that he may go through life not fighting for worthwhile things. Sweet girl, that is not your responsibility as to whether he allows others to dictate his actions for him. You are only responsible for yourself and your actions. I know that him closing your joint account hurts, but it probably isn’t a personal attack on you, even though that’s the way you feel. He is doing what he needs to do to protect himself, which is something you talked about, and agreed to. You have every right to your feelings of anger, especially because it has been a long-term relationship, and you had the expectation that he would be there for you no matter what. They say actions speak louder than words. Feel your anger and express it in a healthy way. I know you love him but I have to agree with the lady at the GA meeting, that if he can’t support you emotionally when you need him the most, perhaps he isn’t the right guy for you. Do you even want someone who lets his family control him?? As you grow in recovery, you will see and realize things about friends and loved ones, that you were either unable to see or refused to acknowledge due to being ill from compulsive gambling. Try to live in today, and try to focus on anything that is positive. Perhaps write down positive things about yourself and the day, and focus on those things. I totally understand that you are feeling like you are having a heart attack due to all the stress you are under, not knowing what the future holds for you, court-wise, employment-wise, or relationship- wise. I’ve had my heart totally shattered a couple of times, but time and talking about it heals the pain. Just know that your life won’t always be this stressful. This too shall pass! Sending you a hug (((trinitysky))). Carole