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Wow Vera! That’s a good idea, I will have to try that trick with him.thanks!
Yeh Sad, I did think about disappearing from the house before he start asking but I’ve got a feeling he will do it as soon as kids are out to school..
My friend doesn’t know anything about it , she is a good friend and I did spent a lot of time thinking if to tell her or not. It’s hard to open up and explain so many painful things..I often imagine in my head myself talking about it to my dad and all I do is cry and I just break down..I don’t know if I could tell her…maybe time will show.
Velvet I really want to meet her tomorrow cuz I’m basically longing for a break from this house. We decided if the weather is nice we’ll go for a walk in the park otherwise we just sit at mines.Thank you all so much for your support, it makes huge difference to my thinking.thank you.