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Talk about your past visiting you but all in one day! Couldn’t believe as I read your post it just got worst like what more could hit you. It never rains, it pours.

So happy that you stayed grounded and didn’t turn to gambling, only cos you self excluded. You were so strong. Well done, Andrea.

So good you took the moral high ground with your bf and there you see he invited you for dinner. My son is 23 now but would’ve reacted the same as yours if he was with me. They really mean well and want to help. They’re so innocent in their thinking but had to laugh at his reason behind the name change. Just hope that your son’s father gets back to at least meet with him. He’s still his father and owes it to him.

My father always warned me to make amends with my ex as when he got older, he would go looking for him and may leave me to stay with his father. They need that role figure in their life. Fortunately my brothers and father played that role for my son.
Glad today went better.
Just put down that blinkin’ panda ! Lol !