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As someone here once said, LET this slip be the greatest education about oursleves that we learn….

We are all in control , WE just need to get to our deepest roots and confront our deepest fears , its okay to loose and walk away, its the right thing not to ever indulge in such a self destructive practice. 

My main enemy is feeling that a win would make me happy, That has proven itself…wrong and wrong 100% of the times…..because thats the addiction telling me its okay to chase my losses. WE have proven too ourselves that we cant Gamble… so let us let go of our pride and lets stop guys…come on..  No other substance in the world can RUIN us so quickly  as gambling. TO me now problem gambling is worse or just as bad as a heroin , cocaine, alcohol addiction….

We shall all live to fight another day 

BE gamble free my freinds and see you tommorow for a long tedious day at work.