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Yes i truly believe gambling is the worst addiction… money is an absolutely necessity and its terrible to have such little control over it. As of right now, as I am new to my journey of recovery I am trying to just be happy with myself and get out of the long cycle of hating myself and my addiction that I’ve been in for years. I think it is very important to come to terms with what I have done and accept it fully to move on. I think about how I was before I started having a gambling problem and I honestly wouldn’t even recognize that person… I look forward to finding her again….. i try not to put too much worry yet into what I will do to keep myself busy when  I’m not gambling I’m just focusing on simply taking it hour by hour… I’ve done a few months before and after about a month the feeling of relief and so much less stress just natural lead to me living a healthier lifestyle … how far into your recovery are uou?