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Yes Micky, it would be great to see you on here more often. That book sounds great I am going to get it.
A small thing I have done which kinda falls in with this but has helped me enormously is I have shaken off the label. I no longer see myself as a “cg”. I see myself as a person who could have a cut finger, or a wobbly tooth, or a fear of dogs…but instead I have a gambling disorder or a compulsion to gamble. It is such a small part of the whole me that I can easily keep it in check. It is not the overwhelming monster/ devil/ curse…, that “being a cg ” was. It is not me. It is a small problem I have which I can cope with.

I guess that kinda falls in with what your were describing.its about looking at things differently.i am definitely going to buy that book. Thank you for sharing this with us.