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Hi Vera,
Thanks for your concern. Yes, the cramps did stop,and it was within a few minutes of getting the message. I should get my test results in a few days. As well as an Ulcer I think I may have helicobacter pylori in my entire gut. Helicobacter pylori is the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers but can infect the entire intestinal tract. side effect of this bacteria is depression…I listened to some Christian based sound healing frequencies music last night and I have to say my deeply depressed mood had lifted a little today.
I went to deliver my medical certificate to my work coach today and even though he said he would be there he was out for 2 days which would be after the timeline I had been given to receive my 1st benefit. So half an hour holding on the phone to let someone know. My benefit will be short on the rent by about 100 a month and leave me 40 pounds a week to live on for food and all bills. It is scandalous and on the same day that the Tory fool Hammond says in response to this scandal of long waits than has hit the headlines tha people waiting should get a loan. Try getting a loan when you are a CG. Laughable and lamentable these complete imbeciles that govern in the Uk. My rent arrears have gone up significantly as waited seven and a half weeks for 1st benefit. I have to pay my mobile phone tomorrow and don’t have it. I am being visited
by the housing association tomorrow to see that I am getting all that I am entitled to. It is all well and good to have the principle to look after yourself but unfortunately no means to do it. My GP won’t prescribe antidepressants as I am a suicide risk and that this is a reactionary depression,to being virtually destitute, unemployed and at serious risk of losing my home. Idid apply for a couple of jobs this evening. The mood lifts sometimes sufficiently todo that as previously I was unable to. Must sit in my messy bedroom on the iPad. Can’t even watch to as there is so much trash on it!