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Yes Vera I hear you on family members. I really do. And it is good you are putting your self first at this time. You need to! Avoid those triggers they can spell doom for us if we allow them to get a hold of us as they have with me.
I have alot of brothers and a sister but they live there own lives and I hardly ever speak with them these days. Its sad we were a close family at one time. Not so now. And its even worse since mum died. They all have wives / girlsfriends and so on. I am seen as the outcast. The failure. They avoid me. When on rare times we are together such as mums funeral it was tense, polite, but not loved up. I gave up making an effort long ago. I probably wont see any of them until the “next” funeral. Pity party over. We have to keep moving forward Vera!!!