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Well done for taking the first step. That is that you have admitted to yourself and to your father that you have a problem – and that you are talking about it on here. I cannot give you any financial advice. I am still paying off debts years after my last bet. They are a reminder of who I am and that I have this illness called compulsive gambling. It is not an easy option – but I really feel that you will need to do a complete life change if you want to beat this. One of your triggers is sport and I guess you eat, drink and sleep sport – it is part of who you are – and you NEED to let go of it. If it is possible for you – try and get a complete change of your life – even if just for a short time – a sort of rehab or time away from your norm. See if there is anything available through addiction help organisations in your area. If not I suggest you put the time you would spend on watching (and betting) on sports into your recovery. Speak to people – attend meetings on-line and in real time. Watch recovery videos etc. Get support and good advice within your local area. Get a complete inventory together of what you owe and make plans as to how you can pay back, but NOT by chasing losses. Extra work will not only produce more income – it will give you less time to gamble with. I wish you well.