Yesterday I went by the place where things were stored (by his relatives) after I was kicked out of the house. There is another padlock on there now as I have been unable to pay. So … it looks like those things are gone … I was down there after missing a doctor’s appointment that was the 2nd reschedule of the original. By now, I don’t even recall what occurred specifically to cause me to miss the first. Last time I tried to go, I ran out of gas and walked two miles before a lady picked me up and drove me the one and a half remaining miles. I actually got to this one, but I was about 15 minutes late and the office was closing for a Christmas party.

The night before, I didn’t have any gas money. My daughter loaned me $5 so I was able to get there and back (about 40 miles one way).

Today, I had to break down and call the car insurance company and ask if I could bring the money as there isn’t enough in the bank.

I’m tired. I’ve been spending hours collecting cans and etc. I’ve been moving things out of the storage up here; it’s been a long tiring process as I have to put what I take on or in the car and load it myself. The other night, I was able to get quite a bit; I had a tabletop, mattress and large dresser on top and the rest of the car stuffed to overflow. I actually had to use some mathematical thinking (or at least scientific) to figure out how to get the queen size mattress up and on top; I was pleased that I was able to figure out that opening the doors and just getting it that high would give me a basis for getting it the rest of the way there! 🙂 Fortunately there is not much left there and the man there graciously gave me some extra time without charge.