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(((P))) it is great to see you posting and getting things down. I know that there are times I just come and post and I feel better for it. It may not make sense to others who read it, (I am not saying your post does not make sense) but it somehow makes me feel better just getting my thoughts down.
I find there are times that I need to come and post every day, and then other times where I don’t post. I think if there is something bother me I need to post as it just seems to help me get it out of my system. Then there are other times when I feel down and I need to post then. I also love reading posts to see how everyone is doing. If we take it one day at a time we will hopefully be able to stay away from those machines.
Great job on exclusion from the Casino close to your work!!! I know what you mean about the machines being everywhere. We were out for dinner on Saturday and there is a slot machine room in the Hotel. The machines really are everywhere. I am not even looking for them and they are there in your face. On Saturday when I saw it, I found myself saying to myself in my head, you don’t gamble anymore. It showed me though how you have to keep reinforcing this fact to yourself. I know that if I put one dollar in a machine that I will be back on the same road of destruction. I am totally powerless with those machines and have no control to stop once I start. I hope and pray that I can continue to think this way.