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You are not alone in this. Million of people have this addiction and a lot of them are ashamed about it, but this can happen to anyone. So you doing the right thing to tell people about your problem.

You can not gamble just sometimes because it will get u back in its grip and thats not the way to go. You have to give it up totally if you want to get rid of it.

Addictions is possible to break away from if u have the right tools and the first u should do is to forget the past and focus on whats now and try to find a good feeling inside. If you feel shitty about yourself and look back at your lost of money or other bad things that happened in the past u will never find peace and you always find yourself back gambling for comfort and to feel better. I hope u understand what Im trying to tell u. Start over and find a good feeling and forget about the bad things in the past and feel happy without gambling. You should of course ban yourself from all gambling sites . Hope u can break this addiction as I did.