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Hi Angel,

developing a gambling addiction causes us to isolate ourselves from the people around us. We don’t want them to know what we are doing because deep down we know it doesn’t make sense and we are throwing our money away. No win is ever big enough and we keep putting it all back into gambling. Because we are addicted to the feeling of winning and not the money. So we always need more gambling.

Here is a place where you can take some time out. See what others are doing to try and break the cycle and learn to live without this addiction running the show. It makes us into people we are not. It can be so awful when you hit a bottom and around the holidays only seems to multiply it. But you can change things. Starting now. Read, post your thoughts, talk to the advisors during London, UK business hours, and check out the resource section for your area. We have all been where you are right now. A lot of us still are struggling. But many make a new gamble free life. Welcome to the forum.

take care,