I am still here as is the rest of this forum. You are not broken, I won’t accept that from you because from how you post. You can not be broken by something that is already broken The way that you post indicates is that you are not broken.

This addiction will fool you Madge at every opportunity – but can it really ? no actually it can’t.

You have already done for your daughter what you felt was right – the proof is there, she is happier. You have done what is right for family members who are ill, you were there you are there.

Once again Madge you have done it and you have done it in spite of the warbling of the addiction. These are not the actions of a broken woman.

I suspect that his actions of running off to do his own thing is a means of wanting to go and gamble with no interference from you but that could also mean my cynism ( can;t spell it )

Madge You are getting it but in your last posts you don’t mention the time you are putting on one side for you any more – where has it gone ?

How about you and your daughter get on a plane or a boat and take time for you, no sour grapes – just you and your daughter away from it.

I guarantee you one thing or in fact several. If your husband is serious about recovery he will not deny you a break. I f he wants to gamble he will – nothing you can do about it.

Come on Madge I want to see you walk forard, this addiction can never take you any where that you are not prepared to go.

You only have to ask my dog who is fully recovered and acting like a luney !!

I would do my time on the floor again for my dog and my boys and for the other special people in my life that I know want a life.

Would I lie on the floor sobbing for someone who doesn’t want help or doesn’t accept the fact that they need help ? not a cats or a dogs chance in hell xx

Get back to looking after you and who is important