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Self reflection and finding a balanced view around complaints are part of a mature professionals toolkit. Also, examining, how did I contribute to that, what could I or others have done better. I certainly use this a lot in work, but not all function in this way. Things happen. In my last job a situation arose whereby my boss took someone’s side against me when it was obvious who had not acted well, and it wasn’t me. There was a lot of manipulation going on from very a very junior person. I knew this situation was irreparable so I did not continue the contract. A lack of support where it matters causes damage to us. I have put this down to experience and moved on. I still think about it occasionally though. The bottom line is it could have been handled better to produce a better outcome. That comes with experience and maturity. It wasn’t handled well but at the end of the day it was not my loss, but theirs. Hope u having a good day idi.