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KPat, thanks for your post and support. Indeed that is true. We must believe who we are in Christ and be positive and speak out loud with words positive things over our lives but more so to ourselves in the mirror. My sister says to me everyday…’you are kind, you are gentle, you are loving, you are generous, you are smart, you are intelligent, you are blessed, you are loved. I love you.’ She tells to say that to myself in the mirror and learn to love myself first so that I can learn to love and give to others.

Yes, it is very easy to feel the shame, guilt and despair when we keep doing what we do, pray for forgiveness and go back and do it all again. But if you truly believe you are forgiven, I’ve found the aching pang deep down inside me, filled with remorse and shame, leaves the moment I pray for forgiveness and believe cos then you are clean as if you’ve never done it. If God forgives and forgets, who are we to remember and continue to live with that burden ?

Accept it and you WILL feel a new person with hope for the future but also more confident to trust His promises.

One day closer…..
Bless you…..