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You wrote: “I am in deep hole want to end my life.”

This is a temporary situation and it is not something that needs such a drastic permanent solution. Please talk to someone on a helpline – there is a link here to some available in India:

I say this is a temporary situation because many of us have been where you are and have come out the other side. If you read through the journals posted here you will see that there are 3 things you must do – other than getting good support for yourself. They are 1) losing access to money, 2) losing access to the places where you gamble – both online and off and 3) finding other ways (non gambling) of spending your time.

Read others posts and look at other parts of the site for details of what these things mean. I would urge you to come clean with your family about what is going on. Yes it will upset them, but not as much as if you go through with ending your life and then they will find out anyway. If you have borrowed money from your family and are unable to pay it back – they have a right to know the reason for this and to have the opportunity to help you if they can – after all it is THEIR money, not yours.

There is a facilitated support group for new members tonight (Monday) at 19.00 London time. You will get much more advice and support there.