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Amir Zaky

Hello Meghna,

I’m happy for you that you are keep trying and i’m very angry that we keep relapsing.

i totally agree with you that enjoy living our lives and make use of our day is a good way to feel that life is better away from gambling
me too when i felt an urge for playing few days ago ( i w as telling myself i will only play with 100 USD- withdraw if i reached 500- we all know that this will never be the case) so i took this 100 and bought 10 meals and went for a drive with a friend looking for homeless people (not beggars), i was shocked to found people in Cairo streets that didn’t ate for a week and he super happy was only a meal.
i got back home not thinking at all about gambling, feeling stupid of wasting money that even a tiny piece of this money (the value of a side bet) can really help someone else.

The thousands we waste can be someone’s else miracle.

I wish we all don’t forget that we are all here because we can’t control our gambling habits and it’s better to not trust ourselves with the means to play.