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Hey Pie,

Came here after your reply on my thread, this is certainly a story that hits home with me too.

Congratulations on taking the step to find this forum and talk about your story, it was my first time doing so too last week, and the weight it has lifted was massive. 

I too fell into debt before the online slot gambling addiction started, I was feeling so down about being in debt and the constant years of financial insecurity, that first big win in gambling made me feel like it’s a way out of the hole.  

Those big wins are the worst, once it happens we’re forever chasing them. The machine always wins, even when we hit the jackpot, the neurological changes made inside us will make us pump it all back in at a later date chasing it again. 

You will turn it around, just like I will too – hard work and solid finanacial budgetting is the only path out of it. Stay strong, these days are behind us now, a far brighter future awaits. Once again, well done on taking this step! Look forward to hearing updates on how you’re getting on, keep posting them here!