Hi, Velvet! First off, I want to say that I am merely GLAD that I can come on here and be honest, no matter the “stuff” that is roiling through my mind. I have recently had some pretty negative “venting” in therapy and although I don’t think venting is therapeutic, in some situations there isn’t much else one can do, at least for the moment.

I woke up wiped out today. Yesterday being the fifth, and I was still $2 short for making the rent. I “could” take out a payday loan, but then that is $30 more to get the $2 … suffice it to say, I finally was able to make the $2 and then a little extra, thankfully, because that is all the money until another week and a few days go by.

I want to reply a bit more, but need to get some things done. Nevertheless, I want to let you know I saw and appreciate your reply. Thanks!