I know you are so right Jenny!

And as much as im trying to stay strong, there are times when im vulnerable and poof he seems to know and i get a message (often something really silly that he needs to know).

I wish i could say i dont know what he’s doing but your right i do…of course i do….i feel like i get one step ahead and he’s waiting there to knock me back.

I also know your right Jenny about no contact..ive blocked his number and he now uses another number…i need to block this too…and again your completely right when you say as soon as you open the door of communication, your letting all the stress and upset back in :(.

I still stand by my decision to end it, this has not changed but i needed to post because i was feeling a little overwhelmed by it and feel i can talk openly and honestly with you all.

He still doesn’t accept he has a problem or willing to do anything about gambling…he says he has stopped and thats the end of it…yeah right….but again this is him trying to do and say anything that will get me to take him back.

I feel i have been so stupid allowing any contact 🙁 x