Hi Berber
After reading your posts again, I felt “hey, maybe that could be us?” You seem to be doing so well and I am so happy things have worked out for you and your family. It has truly inspired me.

It has only been less than 4 months since I found out about my hb gambling, etc and when his other addictions spiraled out of control. It seems like SOO SOO much longer..So keeping in mind that it took longer for your family to heal, maybe I need to be more patient for our healing? I guess until I re-read your posts, it didn’t occur to me that it hasn’t really been that long since I found out about my hb lies…certainly less time than he spent lying to me (3years + sneaking to casino during work). So your posts made me feel like since you had success, maybe we might too? Is that silly? I don’t know..

I just wanted to say bravo for hanging in there (and with a baby and one on the way!) and working thru all these issues. You have been very brave, strong and honest with your feelings. You made me feel that *maybe* recovery is possible for my family too..