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      michael c

      hi to everyone.just thought i would post a message i havent in some time been busy with work and family.i have just come passed my 1 year period which this time last year felt like a mountain to climb in my heart i wanted to do it but i thought it was just going to be to hard .i remember all the times that i said okay thats it im stopping now .but all them times were when i had just came out of the bookies and had lost all my money i recognize tjat at them moments when you feel remorsefull for what you have doesnt give you a true rerading of the situation you have got to want this so bad and it takes a long time to get there.i think thats what is different this time is that everything i said i would do i have which has reinstalled a new beleif in my self i actually can finally start to take myself seriuosly.all though i am also aware that if i take my foot of the gas things could change with i n moments this illness will never leave me but its my intention to stay 1 step in front of it at all times..speak soon everyone and good luck to you all.

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      Originally posted by michael c

      … i have just come passed my 1 year period …

      Well done.  Congratulations, One Year is quite an achievement.
      It is good to read that you still have the "Peace of Mind" that you described in an early topic. From the sound of things it looks like you will continued enjoying this better way of life; but like you know, you have to keep your foot on the gas and not rely on coasting.
      God’s speed. Stay strong.Larry"Day Two Is Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will continue to be  gambling free.

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      Congratulation!!  I know you are feeling much better than you did 1 year ago. Keep up the good work – 2 years will feel even better!!

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      Congratulations!! Your post will inspire a lot of people..keep it up :)"You cannot change the system but you can change who you are"."I would not gamble with money i do not have" and "Make promises i can’t keep".

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      colin in brum

      Well done on your year Michael, a day at a time can achieve great things

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      Congratulations Michael!  It sounds as though your life is full of promise and well, full of real life 🙂  Keep aware, stay strong and be happy.
      take care,

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      Well done michael, good job!
      Mickybeneath the ashes fires rage

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      Bravo! Your desire and passion to stop made this possible. I wish you continued success and I agree your success has made you an inspiration for others here.
      I am a child of a cg and what you have accomplished is only what I wish would be for my father.

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