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      Today is the last day of the triple numbers
      I have reflected that im thankful im still here today
      Alive and full of hope
      Im a cg and i regret the times i gamble because i have lost a lot of time wasting money and stressing myself almost everyday , i really love my wife she is the only reason im still breathing now if not for her i might be dead right now,
      Im really happy im alive, being alive gives you hope that what you have done yesterday is past and it doesnt mean you need to repeat yesterday, i realized that living today , in this very moment , present time is the best thing because you can look forward for tomorrow, tomorrow is always a fresh start so even you are down today there is always tomorrow to start over again, im nearly 3 weeks g free now, i have some slip ups but i controlled most of them and really happy i can learn from it and move on, i thank all of you who always listen and read the stories here because its really nice to see im not alone , i thank God for this day , it made me a better person.
      I love my wife, happy wife happy life…
      Im beginning to love myself too,,, starting to learn that i dont need to gamble to make myself good or better its the choice that i will be recovering from this disease that make me smile again
      Its only me who can change me
      Im ready to change,,, im ready to live a g free life!!!!
      One day at a time

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