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    Today I spent awhile
    In a world I’d left behind
    I knew what I was doing
    But I didn’t change my mind
    I could have turned around
    In fact I did one time
    But in the end I caved
    And returned to do the crime
    I entered my old haunt
    It hadn’t changed a bit
    No sunlight reached inside
    It scared me I admit
    The old familiar ways
    I fell back in the pattern
    I chose my first machine
    The wheels began to chatter
    The lights the sounds the feel
    It was just as I’d left it
    But something wasn’t right
    Something was wrong…decrepit
    No pleasure came to me
    I saw it was just a machine
    There was no magic to it
    In fact it felt unclean
    I was winning here and there
    But it didn’t make me smile
    I looked around and saw
    Only people in exile
    Exiled from their lives
    Escaping in a lie
    What was I trying to do?
    I stopped, I breathed, I sighed
    This world I used to crave
    Was strange, unknown, unkind
    I didn’t want to stay
    I left and cleared my mind
    For 15 minutes that day
    I wandered back in time
    But the world I used to know
    Is now forever left behind

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