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      Hi there,

      Glad I found this forum. There seems to be some really good information here and I hope I can end up adding to the forum in the future.– 31/07/2010 06:27:36: post edited by harry.

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      female g

      what you are doing is becoming a serious habit and one that is changing your life.  Most of us here began the same way and didn’t recognize that we were becoming addicted . glad your here and hope you will stick around to learn everything you will need to discover to change your behaviours and start your journey in recovery.  Its the best site for so many reasons. Support trust no judgements and so much more. Welcome aboard G

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      Hi Habitat
      Glad you found this site.  If being gamble free is your aim then you have found the right place for help.  Keep reading others stories, see what has helped them along the way.  One day at a time dont gamble, just worry about getting through each individual day and not too far ahead.. P – Living and Learning

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      colin in brum

      Hi Habitat and welcome to the forum.  Im sure you will be reading a lot you will relate to on the other threads here.  You will also be reading about the success stories – what are they doing that you can apply to your own situation?
      "…… I hope I can end up adding to the forum in the future……."
      You can start now, let us know a little about your situation and the positive steps you are applying.  Keep posting

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      Hi Habitat just popping in to see how you are going, your gamble free life is possible, keep posting, keep coming back, no matter what!!!
       P – Living and Learning

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